Google Chrome History

Web browsers now play an important role in making it easier for us to get information. By choosing the best web browser, it can help us access the site quickly, and have the features we need.

We have often encountered Google Chrome on PC and mobile devices. Google Chrome is the web browser with the highest number of users. So that we understand more about the web browser, let’s discuss the Definition of Google Chrome.

Definition of Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a web browser that is useful for browsing the virtual world. Since the maker and developer of Google Chrome is a Google company, it is guaranteed to be of very good quality.

This web browser developed by Google is open source and has the project name Chromium. By using webkit rendering, Google Chrome has above average speed and remains light.

Google Chrome can access a site very quickly both on PC and Smartphone devices. In addition, there are many operating systems that Google Chrome can use, such as Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android and Chrome OS.

Google Chrome History

As the founder of the Google Chrome web browser, the Google company has been successful in developing its products. The initial release of Google Chrome only got the third position but is currently the best web browser.

Google released the Google Chrome web browser on September 2, 2008. Because it was still in the Beta stage, at that time Google Chrome could only be used on the Windows operating system. Although only on windows, Google Chrome already has interesting features in it.

After reaching a stable version, then on December 11, 2008, Google Chrome was re-released on all operating systems. And at the beginning of 2012, Google Chrome is estimated to reach a percentage of 25-28% of all browser users.

Although only in third position after Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, Google Chrome continues to be well developed. Finally, at this time Google Chrome has the most users compared to other web browsers.

Google Chrome Development and Versions

As a web browser that continues to develop to date, Google Chrome has undergone a version change. The following is the development and versions of Google Chrome:

  1. Versions 0.2 to 1.0 were released in 2008. That year was the first year of the release of Google Chrome, which was initially only available on the Windows operating system. But in the same year he got the stable version. The stable version can be used on several operating systems. During 2008 Google Chrome received updates in the form of performance improvements and web proxies, plugin reliability, popup blocking and others.
  2. Versions 2.0 to 8.0 were obtained in 2009 and 2010. That year Google Chrome got developments in the form of full screen mode, tags that support audio and video, extensions and others.
  3. Versions 9.0 to 23.0 were available in 2011 and 2012. The updates of Google Chrome that year were HTML 5 support, site manager controls, better spelling of sentences and others.
  4. Versions 24.0 to 39.0 were obtained in 2013 and 2014. In the development of these versions, Google Chrome is more inclined to the Android operating system. Such as Omnibox update, Fullscreen Video with subtitles, battery optimization etc.
  5. Versions 40.0 to 55.0 in 2015 and 2016. In this version update, Google Chrome gets some interesting developments. Such as a folder for all bookmarks, change the scrollbar, download pages and incognito.
  6. Versions 56.0 to 71.0 in 2017 and 2018. Google Chrome gets several updates and changes. Such as Progressive Desktop, interface updates, new extensions in the form of UI (user interface).
  7. Version 72.0 to 80.0 (currently) in 2019. The updates of Google Chrome that year were dark mode, introduction of Content picker API, new language on page configuration etc.

Advantages of Google Chrome

Currently, Google Chrome has the highest popularity compared to other web browsers. This web browser, which was directly created by Google itself, has several advantages over its competitors. Here are the advantages of Google Chrome:

Has the highest user value: Speed ​​and user-friendly interface design make this web browser much in demand. In addition, the default features of Google Chrome are quite a lot and really support us in finding, managing and storing information.

Interesting default features: Each web browser must have different features in it. For example, Google Chrome has interesting features such as the Task Manager, Omnibox, Incognito Mode, etc.

New features can be added: Extensions are features that we can install on the Google Chrome web browser. By adding extensions, Google Chrome will get a new feature that is very helpful for us.

Connect directly with Google Search Engine: By using the Google search engine, we can load a lot of information in it. This search engine from Google is the most frequently used compared to others such as Bing and Yandex.

More efficient ram and smaller memory size: Because Google Chrome has a small memory size, it can be used on even low-spec devices. In addition, Google Chrome can perform the initial process faster than others.

Features of Google Chrome

The features of the web browser are very influential on the users who use it. Each web browser also has different features in order to have a characteristic in it. The following are the features on Google Chrome.

  • Save the history of the sites we have visited
  • Save the history of the data we have downloaded
  • Can manage Bookmarks to save the sites we like well
  • Has Incognito mode or site browsing without leaving a trace
  • There is Bandwidth Saving which can save data
  • There is a Task Manager to manage programs, such as checking memory and stopping the installation in it.
  • The presence of an Omnibox or memory search
  • Translate on Google Chrome supports more than 50 languages
  • Multi Profile if we have multiple Google accounts
  • There is a tab pin to mark several tabs that we want to prioritize and will shift to the far left
  • Fully functional for networks, both internet and intranet

An essential extension for Google Chrome users

By adding extensions to Google Chrome means that we get new features in it. Usually many users install extensions to add convenience and productivity. Following are the essential extensions for Google Chrome:

LastPass: By using the Lastpass extension, we can save all our Passwords. When we want to enter the site we want, the username and password will automatically be filled in by itself. LastPass can be installed for free.

Similarweb: By using Similarweb we can find out how popular our competitors’ websites are. In addition, we get knowledge statistics and estimates in the form of traffic.

Momentum: Using the Momentum extension, we can design our personal dashboard. This function is very useful to get and increase our focus, inspiration and productivity.


After we understand the meaning, advantages and features of Google Chrome, of course this will increase our knowledge. In conclusion, Google Chrome is the best web browser today compared to its competitors.

In addition, Google Chrome is a web browser that was directly developed by the largest internet company Google. This of course guarantees the quality and speed of development of the web browser.

The advantage of using Google Chrome is that it has above average access speeds and has many interesting features in it. In fact, we can still add some extensions to improve the functionality of the web browser.

Thus a discussion of the meaning and history of Google Chrome. Thus we can better understand the meaning of the web browser. Hopefully this information is useful and beneficial for all of us.

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